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Web design - much more than graphics

"Web design involves the structure of the website including the information architecture, the layout or the pages and the conceptual design with branding. All websites should begin with a clear strategy so that it is apparent what they are trying to achieve. The strategy then enables the design to fulfill defined goals."
--From wikipedia

SWAT provides a solution for the site designs and technological aspects of the customer needs. We design the site according to strict standards so that the user will see exactly the same site regardless of the type of browser which is using *. We make sure our websites are all beautiful, unique, intuitive and user-friendly.

Web Design is made of 4 major elements:
  • Human Engineering (Graphical User Interface - GUI) - Characterization smart interface, that will make it easy for the site users to navigate in the site.
  • Aesthetics. A successful design is the first step to success of the website.
  • Creativity - the ability to create flexible and user cauterized systems, built exactly according to the customer needs and requests.
  • Simplicity - high quality design and graphics detected immediately. To keep things simple is the most important thing in today's millions of sites chaos.
All our website are built to work perfect with all the major browsers.
Compliance to customer objectives and professional customer satisfaction, are guiding us in any website design and development.

You'll be happy to join our customer's family. Let us define, design, build, develop and promote you and your site on the internet.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question at all.