Building Websites Building websites today, is not easy as many pepole think.
We will make it easy for YOU.

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Building websites right, it's not a simple matter. It requires wide knowledge of many different fields of expertise. There are few important aspects that one must look at when deciding about creating his website: the technology, coding level, security, search engines optimization, the database type, the content management tool, future upgrades flexibility and last but not least the quality of the customer support.

SWAT is currently developed websites using the most reliable technology in the market: "ASP.NET 2.0" that provide a very high performances and stability, tight security and the best overall benchmark in the market.

ASP.Net is a technology developed by Microsoft Corporation for high demanding website applications. This is actually the new generation of the old ASP technology that rules the market for almost a decade.
We in SWAT always keep track on the new technologies in the market, and we keep our system updated with all the industry standards technologies.

Our systems based on the market leading database, the Microsoft SQL Server 2005/8 that is an advanced database with great performances, stability and security.

We offer to build you a professional, impressive, fast and easy to use website that will reflect your spirit and send the exact message you want to0 send to your customers.
A site that will leave your competition behind, way behind!
We know that the speed of the website and the ease of use are the keys to its success; therefore we keep our sites lightweight and fast loaded while still reach and beautiful. That’s our secret.
We specialized in:
• Define, Design and Build a reach dynamic websites.
• Trade sites
• Catalougue sites
• Informative sites

All of our web sites are based on the SMRT system that was also developed by SWAT.
To read about the SMRT click here.

For additional information and making an apointment without any obvligation on your behalf, you can contact us directly using the phone number at the top of this page or by contacting us here.