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Professionalism, that's the name of the game!

SWAT was established in 2006 by a group of professional internet developers to provide a website building service with special enhancements for the business market.

We take special pride in the special people who make SWAT to what it is, that are of the finest in their fields.


Now days, when there are so many internet companies, choosing the right company to develop your website seems like a very hard thing to do.
However, when you look closely, the choice becomes easier.
Once you start checking your needs and the offers out there more deeply the choice become easier…
If you are looking for a modular system that is easy to use on one hand and very powerful on the other hand, you'll find that only very few companies and their products will fit. Add to that the growing need of websites to support a multi lingual interface with one friendly back office system to manage ALL of the languages and you too will come to the conclusion that SWAT is the natural choice for you.
Here you'll find all you need and more.
Our professional stuff will escort you from phase one of defining your exact needs from the site (if you don’t have them yet), through the graphic design that will reflect your company spirit and all the way to the final product guiding and embedding it into your company.
We in SWAT do business in an honest and direct way!
We take pride in those standards and we try to apply them in every project we build by keeping a very high level of customer service and support, sticking to the agreed timetable and flexible hours of availability to our customers around the globe.

Our Business strategy claims that you – our customer – should receive all the TOOLS you need to create your site, so you won't need to refer later on in the website life cycle to change something. The meaning of that strategy is, that you can change not only the content of existing pages and sections in the website, but also change the structure of the site by adding sections and sub sections as much as your needs will require later and control their behavior, fast and  easy, without paying any extra bucks for that.
This is possible thanks to our advanced Content Management system that goes by the not so surprising name: "SMRT".

Each and every member of our developers group is a specialist in his field with many years of experience. This experience that we gained over the year was pour into the SMRT system to answer the very different needs of organizations from their website.

The system power lies in its modularity.  We can mix and match the solution to make it a complex management tool for the entire organization, manage a sales website, or just serve as a content management for informative sites.
Our system lets you, the customer; modify the site to fit the exact needs of your organization by fully control the content of each and every part of the website in a fast, efficient and most importantly user friendly environment.
For more information about SMRT, click here.

We, here in SWAT, love what we're doing, and you, our customer, can benefit from it. We also keep close eye on any new technology out there in the market, to apply it in our system, for our customers use.

Our customer's success it's our success, We invite you to join this success!

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