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SMRT - The best website management tool

Web site has long been not only yellow pages - that is, something updating it once a year without the ability to change and repair.
Web sites have become dynamic these days need all modular software companies worldwide to rethink their business models and products that they develop. This is not necessarily expensive sites such designated sales sites, but even just websites and information are required today to be quickly and easily editable.
SMRT company name in front of her central goal, to produce the ultimate software for creating and maintenance of dynamic web sites.

The process was long and exhausting, but great satisfaction. Our customers now benefit from the most advanced content management on the market.

SMRT is an innovative content management system, advanced and most important: very simple to operate, easy to learn, use and user friendly.
The SMRT allows you, the webmaster, to update any contents of the site: pages of text, images, presentations, movies, etc., and of course a combination of all together. All operations performed by you easily, simply and quickly.
Content management system was developed in light of our experience Swat great web content management systems in light of needs and requirements which have been raised by customers. The system includes advanced built-in options and regularly update your website content.
The system was developed in ASP.NET 2.0 technology, which is now the most advanced, with the forward vision allowing further developments later.
Content Management System solution on SMRT database based on SQL SERVER 2005 Microsoft and a variety of innovative technologies and current. The system is based navigation icons and menus with some simple module to another, and includes shortcuts to display symbols on one side of the administrative system. Controlling and managing web pages - are easy and simple way on SMRT, including a full change of the navigation bar.
Management system is responsible for managing local users on both the administrative and end-user side, library management system, editing and entering documents, uploading files, view management and management forums.
All in one place and a uniform!

To the SMRT we have developed to our clients and people authorized on their behalf, will have the option to control and manage the relief site content dynamically without prior technical knowledge, without engaging in "secret" without having to learn a "language" news or new commands. Management interface of the SMRT was constructed so that it "speaks" to you in a language we all know: work on the management interface when building or updating content, very similar to working on word processors or e-mail software we all know. Based on the knowledge we have acquired over the years in establishing sites, upgraded and learning environment of technical and marketing web sites, we have accumulated much knowledge is the basis behind the concept of the SMRT

The following built-in capabilities and optional modules SMRT content management system.

Login Screen: gateway management system that requires entering a username and password which will be presented relevant information the user's privilege level system.
Category Management Module: Managing reflected folder tree structure built in the shape website easy hierarchical structure. Content management system built on the basis of usage habits have taken root in all of us when you use the operating system "Windows" software package "Office." Once logged in management will feel "at home."Content management system built in a hierarchical Swat in each category and every page listed in the location hierarchy of content on the site. Tree management, including a hierarchy of folders and subfolders. There is no limit on creating folders! You can add to several sections and sub sections need no additional cost whenever you want.
Document Management module: Handouts are rich text pages. For example information about the company, general information, FAQ, etc.. Content management system from Swat can add unlimited pages of information including pictures, videos, flash videos free, downloadable files by the user, internal links (to different pages within the site) external sites. Amount and content pages completely controlled by the content management interface using a text editor FCKEditor Swat company uses. The FCKEditor is the best editor in the text editing existing web pages. The editor is a WYSIWYG which means: What you see is what you get (what you see That's what you get). Editor supports all major browsers.
Navigation menus module: SMRT content management system There is complete control over how the site navigation menus, using several navigation menus (horizontal, vertical, general, etc. .. depending on the specific site design.) Dynamic site structure and content of the site is controlled entirely by the client through the CMS website.
Multilingual: content management system from content management Swat allows different languages in an easy and convenient (by customer's language requirements.)New language content creation can be done by creating a blank document or duplication of the existing document system for the new language structure definition entering saving elements that are not necessarily language-dependent, such as photos, videos and the like.
Module users: system privileges mechanism for different stakeholders, as defined by known in advance. Any role in administering its access permissions are set. Will be possible to limit each user directory (folder, area) or libraries (hierarchically) certain.
Module Members: Members management module stores the list of registered members in the system. Amount of detail figures for each member shall consist of all relevant details. This module allows allows users to set permissions on the site. For example, members are allowed to can add a comment to the article while browsing that are not appropriated can not do it.
Module mailing list: a mailing list is the most effective marketing tool in connection with site users wherever they are. This tool allows different content delivery e-mail to multiple users. The contents are distributed to visitors wishing to be members of such content, and / or distribution initiated by the administrator. In both cases, the system lets you manage multiple mailing groups and areas in parallel to determine the frequency of receiving content (day and time).
To electronic forms generator: a system interface can be configured as necessary forms and content with Smart Wizard that enable clients to send information Site management (such as Contact, request information, etc.). Content management interface allows dynamic creation of forms in different buildings, including classification of various input fields (selection, rich text, phone) and these fields authentication options (eg, input test actually entered in the phone or email), using this module can create multiple dynamic and responsive forms usually changing needs.
SEO: content management system allows complete control of Swat characteristics such advanced page the page name, page title tags of "Te" (META TAGS) (description and keywords) used by the search engines to locate and display the link to the site. The system supports at three hierarchical levels of content to search:
General: to appear throughout the site.
Current Category: All documents and forms will appear in the various display (list / single) of the category.
Document: the document will appear when you view it in full.
These properties the situations of our content management system in the first row of products on the market. But the most important thing is, we undertake to meet your every need, even if it does not exist currently in the system.

If you want to hear more about the system, please contact us by phone number at the top of the page or using the contact form.